Lift Top Coffee Tables You Will Love

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The Best Lift Top Coffee Tables For Your Style

Lift top coffee tables continue to be hallmark of modern living rooms for one simple reason: they work.  And the do the job wonderfully, practically and in style. Here are some options you can use to start on your journey to the best lift top coffee table for your space:

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What are some of the features that make these pop up coffee tables so treasured?

  • LIFT TOP DESIGN: The lift top nature of their design can turn your coffee and snack table into a workstation. Its multi-functional design includes a hidden lifting mechanism that turns tables into functional desks. High quality mechanism enables the tabletop to be lifted up or lowered down effortlessly and noiselessly.
  • SPACE SAVER: A hidden compartment beneath the top is designed to store your often-used items like magazines, chess, remotes, game controllers and so on, keeping them handy and away from dirt. And especially if it doubles as your workstation, your table or laptop can be stored within for easy and ready access. And depending on the table you choose, some come with shelves and drawers making for more space saving ideas.
  • MINIMALIST STYLE: Especially today, space can be … The modern design of these coffee tables allow for simple shapes and chic in color and can, not only be perfectly compatible with your room style and décor, its small footprint works in small spaces.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Most of these designs come with all the necessary hardware and instructions for easy  assembly.
  • READY TO MOVE: And if you need the space our coffee table is using temporarily or need to move it elsewhere, they are easy to move will little effort.

Lift Top Coffee Tables for Every Space

There is no furniture more appealing than that which offers additional storage space. It is no wonder, then, lift-top coffee tables are gaining so much popularity in the market today. The extra storage that these coffee tables offer makes them very different and unique from other coffee tables.
But what exactly are lift-top coffee tables? And why should you consider getting your home one of these tables? Read on!

What are Lift Top Coffee Tables?

Lift-top coffee tables look like any regular coffee table. However, unlike the standard tables, a lift-top coffee table can be lifted at the top and used as a small desk. These tables are usually designed with built-in shelves, open shelves, or cubbies that provide additional storage space.
Also, the fact that the top of the lift-top coffee tables can be easily lifted makes them usable as work surfaces. With a lift-top coffee table, it will be like having a cozy little desk for your laptop built-in the coffee table.

Benefits of Lift Top Coffee Tables

So, what makes the lift-top coffee tables unique from other regular types of tables? Consider the following six benefits that these tables can offer:
1.) They Offer Additional Storage
The most striking thing about the lift-top coffee tables is the additional storage that they offer. These tables are built with open shelves, built-in shelves, or cubbies that provide extra space for storing things. Some lift-top coffee tables also feature a built-in storage space underneath the top, which can be used as a secret storage compartment for keeping valuable items.

2.) They Save on Space
The modern lift-top coffee tables feature a minimalist design. In fact, these tables can be defined as an all-in-one package. After all, they offer users a coffee table, enough storage space, and a comfortable working surface, all in a single table.
Therefore, the lift-top coffee tables’ compact and straightforward designs help save a lot of space and encourage minimalism in homes.

3.) They Feature Elegant Designs
Lift top coffee tables are not just any other type of tables; they are modern, elegant tables. These tables are usually built with unique, stylish, and sleek designs. An excellent example of such a sleek lift-top coffee table is the Logan coffee table, which is designed with an elegant, warm oak finishing.
Simply put, lift-top coffee tables are one perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Their classic designs make them compatible with all room themes and colors, but they also add elegance to whichever room they are added.

4.) They are Portable
Some lift-top coffee tables are designed with caster wheels or rollers at the bottom. These wheels and rollers make the table very mobile and easily portable. Therefore, the lift-top coffee tables can be moved easily from one place to another, whether it’s to the office or the kitchen or even to the outdoors. An excellent example of such portable tables with wheels is the Ashley lift top coffee table.

5.) They are Convenient
Lift-top coffee tables are some of the most convenient and practical tables you can find in the market. Even if you don’t plan to use the table as a desk, you can still enjoy more freedom and comfort by lifting the top.
More so, the table is not limited to a particular function or room space. While it can be used as a kitchen table, a lift-top coffee table can also be used as an office table, or even in the sitting room when enjoying a casual dinner while watching the television!

6.) They are Available in All Designs
Lift-top coffee tables are designed in every style. Therefore, you can always expect to find a coffee table that perfectly matches your tastes and preferences. What’s even better, if none of the lift coffee table designs fit your preferences, you can always have one custom made to fit your exact specifications!


Indeed, the lift-top coffee table is the true definition of elegant and minimalist living. And especially should you get a lift table coffee table if space is an issue in your home. By adding this unique table design to your home space, you will not only enjoy the additional storage space that it offers, but you will also make your home more elegant and eye-catching.

Finding the Best Lift Top Coffee Table

They can be used as coffee tables. They can also serve as working tables for those who do most of their work at home. Yes, lift-top coffee tables are an all-in-one kind of table; they can be used for almost every purpose you intend to.
While lift-top coffee tables are recommended for those with limited spaces, they can also be used for all rooms, even larger spaces. The practicality and multi-functionality of these unique tables are what make them ideal for all spaces.
However, lift-top coffee tables come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and styles. So, how can you tell which specific style, size, design, and color of the lift-top coffee table is most situated for your home space? Read on to find out!

Buying Guide for the Best Lift Top Coffee Table

Before you can choose the best lift-top coffee table for your home, you must first do careful research. The following are three considerations that will help you make the best decision on which lift top coffee table to buy:

1.) Size of the Coffee Table
The size of the lift-top coffee table is the first thing you should consider before making a purchase. It would help if you bought a lift-top coffee table that fits perfectly in your room, without taking too much or too little space.
Therefore, before you can settle for your ideal lift-top coffee table, consider the amount of furniture available in the room you intend to place it. Then, choose a coffee table that will perfectly accommodate the remaining space without making your room look too cramped or too spacious.

2.) The Shape of the Coffee Table
Lift-top coffee tables come in all sorts of shapes. For instance, there are round coffee tables, square tables, and even triangular coffee tables. The good thing about all these different shapes is that they offer clean lines, promoting a streamlined design that perfectly fits with the other furniture in the room. If yours is a contemporary home, you will do well to consider choosing among those three shapes of lift-top coffee tables.

If you have a lot of space in your house, you can consider choosing a lift-top coffee table with a wedge shape. A wedge-shaped coffee table especially fits well in those spacious rooms with a large sectional couch and other furniture sets.
Furthermore, a wedge-shaped coffee table provides enough table area such that every person sitting can access it. So if you are the sort that loves having a central talking point for your family and guests, this would be just the ideal lift-top coffee table shape to go for.
On the other hand, rooms with smaller spaces would benefit from rectangular-shaped lift-top coffee tables. These small spaces can include library rooms and study rooms. The rectangular coffee tables perfectly suit the room’s dimensions, making them a perfect addition for such rooms.

3.) Material Used to Make the Coffee Table
Coffee tables also come in a wide variety of materials. Therefore, you can always rest assured that you will find the lift-top coffee table of your most preferred material. The five most common materials used to make lift top coffee tables are:

A. Solid wood
Lift-top coffee tables made of solid wood add elegance, class, and texture to whichever room they are added. However, note that some solid wood types tend to be very heavy, making them unsuitable for a lift top.
Therefore, if you decide to go for a solid wood coffee table, only settle for that which features a lightweight tabletop and a solid wood base.

B. Metal
Metal lift-top coffee tables are most suitable for industrial and urban living spaces. However, since metal is a heavy-density material, most coffee tables are only designed with metal frames or accents.

What makes MDF an ideal material for lift-top coffee tables is that it is very lightweight. Therefore, MDF is a perfect alternative for solid wood coffee tables. More so, MDF coffee tables come in a wide range of finishes and blends that fit almost perfectly with all decor styles.

D. Faux Marble
While marble coffee tables add to the living room’s elegance, they are usually very bulky, making them unsuitable for lift-top designs. On the contrary, faux marble adds to the on-trend visual appearance and class without adding weight to the lift top table.

E. Fabric
If your living space takes more of a country-style, farmhouse, or Scandinavian style, a fabric lift-top coffee table would be a perfect addition to your room. Most of the fabric coffee tables are usually designed with a wood or metal frame to add to their overall durability.

A lift-top coffee table is not just any other piece of furniture; it is a central, practical, and unique piece that enhances the beauty and functionality of the space in which it is added. However, for your lift-top coffee table to fit perfectly into your home decor, you need to choose carefully. The above three considerations will help you settle for the ideal multifunctional lift-top coffee table.